Action Over Paralysis

It is so easy to be overwhelmed with what is in front of you. Maybe you haven’t exercised in a long time. You also haven’t been eating the way you know is best for you either. You have been so busy with other things. The longer it’s gone the harder it has been to get back into training. With each day and each week the task seems more overwhelming.   Does this situation sound familiar?


Many of our long-standing clients were in this exact position when they stepped foot into our gym for the first time. I always have respect here, because that is a vulnerable situation.   These clients became long-term members because of a simple change of mindset though. If you too can adopt this simple change it will help you feel less overwhelmed and much more likely to stay consistent.


So what is this change of mindset?


The common mindset for someone in this situation is – “This is so hard. How the hell am I going to lose 20kg? It seems like an impossible situation”.   The truth is that is a big task. Losing 20kg (or any weight) is going to take a change of behaviours, which is always uncomfortable.   No one likes the thought of uncomfortable.


What I ask clients to think of in this ‘hopeless’ situation though is the feeling they are after. The majority will say something along the lines of ‘the feeling of being fit, strong, healthy, like I’m doing something good for my health’.


If you look at the above do you think you need to have lost the 20kg already to have the feelings being chased? I would suggest no. Although losing weight doesn’t happen instantaneously – the good feelings that come from exercise endorphins do. It is true it won’t take many sessions to feel good about yourself again.   You will feel fitter, stronger and healthier just by getting into a routine of exercise in your week.


All of a sudden you have the feelings that you thought losing the 20kg would give you. If you can change the mindset from helplessness with the task in front of you to simply realising it is about the lifestyle you live day to day taking daily action becomes something you want to do and not something you avoid because the task is too big.


To work through this simply think about the feeling you are chasing with the big scary goal you want.   Now simply think of the daily actions you can take that will give you these same feelings over the day, over the week, over the months.


Don’t let fear paralyse you. Chase the positive feelings you can get each time you move.   The process will look after the ultimate goal.


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