Online Training

There are 2 main ways to train with us Online.

Both you will be getting access to world class programming from our university qualified coaches.

Option 1: Join The Wild Movement Online

This will give you access to all the programming our in house members receive via your own training app. This will include access to 7 x Pack Strength sessions per week and 3 x Pack Skill sessions per week. This options starts at $12 per week.

Option 2: Indiviualised Program Tailored to You

This is completely for you to your needs and goals. First we complete a Physical Success Session either remotely or in house with you to ensure we understand your strengths and weaknesses.

From here we program weekly sessions and adjust each week based upon the previous week’s results.

This can be programmed for any gym set up including just bodyweight. This option includes the use of exercise video feedback and access to your coach as needed. This option ranges from $69 to $89 per week dependent on how many days per week your program is.

When you train with us online on any option you get:

  • World Class Programming from Exercise Scientists
  • Weekly feedback and accountability from a university qualified strength coach to ensure progress is long term and you stay engaged
  • Your very own training app, membership site and private FB group with a tonne of extra value
  • Starting at $12 per week for Pack Programming
  • Starting at $69 per week for your own individualised program updated weekly



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Quick Run Through of Training App


Assessing Thoracic Rotation for a golfer

Assessing Dynamic Grip Strength


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