Calisthenics Brisbane

As well as our small group barbell strength sessions we have small group calisthenics sessions. These sessions are designed to help you master your own bodyweight. We call them ‘Pack Skill’ as there is an addictive skill piece to progress with this training.

The calisthenics training is often the missing piece for people truly having control and wild confidence in their bodies.

From attending these sessions you will learn to master skills such as handstands, strict muscle ups, front and back levers, and of course just get stronger at the fundamentals of dips, pull ups and core work.

Our calisthenics classes have the following schedule:

Monday: Handstand Technique

Tuesday: Pull Strength

Thursday: Push Strength

Friday: Push and Pull Strength

Monday: 5:30am, 6:30am and 5:30pm

Tuesday: 530am, 630am, 530pm

Thursday: 5:30am, 6:30am, 12pm and 5:30pm

Friday: 5:30am, 6:30am

All of these sessions, like wise with our barbell small group sessions run in 4 week blocks of training.  This means there is a specific focus for 4 weeks which builds upon the previous block.

We do 3 x 4 week blocks and then have Progress Week which is where all of our members get objective measures of how they are faring with their strength, skills and work capacity. This ensures there is always accountability to keep improving and working towards the best version of yourself.

We are home to the best coaches and are the most organised and put together calisthenics gym Brisbane.

Our coaches all walk the walk with our Head Coach Sam Weatherhog a high level gymnastics coach who has competed for Australia in gymnastics.

Highly recommend The Wild Movement for strength and calisthenics coaching in Milton. Since joining, I’ve taken my strength, flexibility and balance skills to new heights and always manage to have some fun in the sessions too.” – Michael Pesavento

Our Calisthenics Coaches


Carla Raleigh

Carla is passionate about all things movement.  She is a yoga teacher, freediving instructor, acupuncture practitioner and our amazing handstand coach  You will find Carla teaching handstands on Mondays and having some fun whilst at it!

Whether you are already a pro or just want to get upside down for the first time, Carla will help!


Sam Weatherhog

Sam comes from a professional gymnast background representing Australia.  He knows what it takes to progress skills whether it’s helping you get your first handstand kick up or your 10th consecutive strict muscle up. Sam’s passion for bodyweight mastery means he is the coach leading our Pack Skill calisthenics classes programme.  Fun Fact Sam also has a Masters in Mathematics!