What we do

The two main ways to train with us is with Pack Strength and Pack Skill.

Pack Strength:

This is personalised strength training in a small group environment. It is the best of both worlds. Individualisation of a Personal Training session with the atmosphere, fun and accountability of a group session.

All sessions are focused on getting you stronger by using a barbell correctly. There is also a focus on mobility and each session finishes with aerobic conditioning. Everything you need to positively change your body composition and feel awesome.

Each session has a main lift which means you can train up to 6 days per week and as little as 2 depending on your goals.

Pack Skill (Calisthenics):

This is personalised coaching in a small group environment to help you master your own bodyweight!

This is all about developing new skills to give you confidence for life.   Already Strong with a bar?  That is essential but can you use your own bodyweight as a tool to develop and progress movements such as front levers, strict muscle ups and handstands? This training is also called calisthenics or gymnastics.

Each session has a set focus so we can really develop the skill and you can train across the week without over – doing it.

These sessions are run by expert coaches within the skill of the day so no matter how much of a beginner you are we can help you get those wins that you get excited about!

All of our sessions start at 4:30am Mon – Friday and our last session is 6:00pm daily. 

We also have sessions across the weekend and plenty of Open Gym times for our members.

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